Support Terms

In terms of getting support for my themes you need to respect following conditions:

  • Support is provided for all paying customers.
  • Every customer has unique purchase ID which needs to be provided in order to register into support forum.
  • Support from authors are not mandatory therefore no customer has the right for theme support.
  • There are no business hours and response time may vary.

What is support material?

Support covers variety of issues that can occur before, during or after customization of my themes, it’s most likely:

  • Help with theme installation (WordPress) and getting it into work.
  • Bug reports and fixes.
  • Item functionality issue.
  • Item behaves differently than on live preview.
  • Feature from item description is missing or doesn’t work properly.
  • Help with updates.

If your request is about general issue (like coding issue, you don’t know how to WordPress etc.) there’s a big chance you will be provided with some tutorials or other forum links.

Thank you for understanding and wish you good luck.


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